The dangers of EMR and how you can protect yourself

This blog discusses some dangers of EMR and how you can protect yourself. Click below to read more.

Electromagnetic radiation or EMR is everywhere. Using our phones, heating food in our microwaves and walking past satellite towers are just some of the many ways we expose ourselves each day.

Unfortunately, EMR is known to cause a range of health problems, upsetting the electrical balance within the body and causing people to feel unwell. As such, it is important to know how you can reduce your exposure to EMR or counter the harmful effects of EMR.

Why is it so dangerous and what can I do to protect myself?

People are only now starting to become aware of the harms associated with EMR which has been associated with for a range of health problems including cancer and other illnesses caused by increased inflammation. However, how the problem should be addressed is often met with blank stares and uncertainty.

One company I know to be of great benefit in tackling this problem of electromagnetic radiation is Earthing Oz. They have a range of earthing products which help to rebalance your body’s electrical charge, reducing the effects of inflammation and high levels of free radicals. From their large range of products, the two that I really recommend are the Bodywell chip phone tag and BluShield portable and plug-in devices which you can purchase by clicking here.

How do earthing products work?

The human heart, brain and nervous system are like electrical substations within our bodies which use electricity to send messages through the nervous system.  The Earth’s surface has a negative charge and when we connect to it, the Earth restores the electrical stability of our body, which allows our bodies to better self-regulate and heal.

Research indicates that regular Earthing, among other things, restores and stabilises a natural state in the electrical functioning of the body, affects many physiological processes, reduces inflammation, pain, and stress, improves sleep and energy levels and aids recovery and healing.

Earthing provides our body with an abundant supply of electrons. Inflammation is caused by free radicals and free radicals are neutralised with electrons from any source. It is also thought that electrons from Earthing increase cellular energy by increasing ATP production in the mitochondria of the cells. This has a positive affect on many physiological processes, speeds up recovery and healing, and increases overall energy levels. These are important mechanisms that allow our bodies to naturally self-regulate, function optimally, recover and heal.

For more information on Earthing Oz’s Bodywell Chip mobile phone protection and Blushield EMR protection devices,  click here or feel free to ask me in your next consultation.