Is your health being harmed by heavy metals?

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I know that many of my patients pride themselves on being people who look after their health. They eat well, exercise regularly, drink lots of water and yet for some reason, many don’t feel nearly as good as they expect they should. This is usually the point where many people come to see me. Whether it’s general exhaustion, mood swings, lack of focus or poor immune health, traditional medicine can sometimes struggle to provide an explanation.

This was one of the reasons that I became so interested in heavy metals. Despite being such a serious problem, few people seem to even know it’s a concern. You see, heavy metals really are everywhere. They are in our food, water, cleaning products and if you’ve had much dental work done, they’re probably in your mouth as well. And as bad as they are for our health, our bodies can’t help but absorb and store them. The reality is we can’t escape being exposed to heavy metals. But if we’re aware of the problem, we can limit how much our body stores and we can get rid of unwanted heavy metals already in our bodies.

So how can heavy metals be the reason people feel flat, depressed and just not right? Well, picture heavy metals and the good compounds as siblings fighting over a toy box. The heavy metals are the stronger, older sibling while the younger, weaker sibling is all the good minerals and compounds our body needs to keep functioning well. As the stronger of the two, the heavy metals are able to take all the toys and the younger sibling is left to sit and watch. Basically, heavy metals are bullies. They jump the line, push their way in and don’t follow the rules. To cope with this bad behaviour, our bodies try and divert the heavy metals, burying them in tissue so they can’t run around the blood stream creating havoc. Unfortunately, as this often occurs for a very long time, eventually, there are so many heavy metals in the body (heavy metal toxicity) which can often lead to people feeling rather unwell for no visible reason.

Functional and Integrative Medicine Doctors such as myself are aware that heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium and lead can contribute to many health problems. If you’ve had a look around my website, you’ll notice that I’ve put together videos on a range of topics related to heavy metals, written lots of articles and even an e-book about hair mineral tissue analysis (which detects heavy metal levels in the body) and in the hope that I can share my knowledge with those around me.

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Dr Pete

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PPS. If you’re questioning whether your symptoms are the result of heavy metal toxicity, please feel free to raise this in your next consultation.

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Dr Peter Holsman is a qualified Medical Practitioner, Naturopath and Professional Speaker based in Melbourne. An expert in his field with over 30 years experience, he specialises in treating people with fatigue related illnesses including stress, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, thyroid and adrenal hormone problems.