Is It Time To Eat Dirt? A Lesson from Parrots in the Amazon Jungle

Parrots thrive by eating clay. This blog discusses how people can also benefit from clay. Click below to read more.

The parrot clay licks are a striking and colourful sight in the Amazon Jungle. These parrots are able to eat and thrive on poisonous berries because the clay binds the poisons.

Macaws in clay lick in the peruvian Amazon jungle at Madre de Dios Peru

When you think about clay, most people start picturing walking outside in the mud or children with sticky hands after a clay pottery class.

Though we often think of this sticky, gluggy clay as a dirty inconvenience, these properties can actually make them fantastic for your health! When it is ingested, this stickiness helps the clay going through your digestive system to stick to and bind toxins, heavy metals and bad bacteria so they are eliminated instead of  being absorbed into your body.

So just how does the clay help and why should you consider drinking it?

1. Supports Healthy Detoxification

Bentonite clay is fantastic for detoxification because it absorbs the heavy metals that you don’t want stored in your body. It absorbs environmental pollutants plus different types of bad bacteria, parasites and chemicals.

2. Works as an Anti-Inflammatory

The second benefit of bentonite clay is that it’s anti-inflammatory. Think about the last time you got a clay mask. These are marketed as an anti-ageing skin treatment, as well as helping eczema, dermatitis and acne. So if it does all of this when put on your face, imagine what it can do when inside your body!

3. Supports the Digestive System

The third main benefit of clay is how it supports the digestive system and digestive health. Diarrhoea,, bloating and leaky gut symptoms may all benefit from taking the Clay. This is because if you have bad bacteria, or different types of metals or toxins within the body, the clay will absorb and help your body eliminate any of this junk.