Are you compromising your life or living according to your strengths?

Understanding your strengths can add meaning, passion and purpose to your life

Are you focussed on your weaknesses?

People see me for lots of health related reasons. They often tell me that they feel frustrated, stuck or have lost direction. In part, this may be because they have put lots of effort into analysing their weaknesses and lost track of their passions, strengths or sense of purpose.

Career, relationships, family, friends and hobbies are a few of the areas where ideally we can feel supported and thrive.

Understanding your strengths can help you make better choices, especially when life is not going the way you would like.

What are your character strengths?

It’s difficult to uncover our strengths if we’re not aware of their existence.

Your signature strengths are your top strengths. Those core characteristics that come most naturally to you, make you feel authentic, alive and engaged, and are easily portrayed across all life domains (school, work, community, family).

Science proves that one way to find greater happiness and well-being is to use your signature strengths in new ways. This strategy has been proven to increase happiness and decrease depression for up to six months!

What are your goals?

We all have goals. Research is now proving that linking your signature strengths with your goals increases attainment and overall well-being. Furthermore, when you reach a goal that is in line with your core values you will experience greater happiness than achieving a goal that is not consistent with who you are.

The VIA character strength reports give you a way to see yourself more fully and accurately. The reports help you understand your potential and see the tools you have to apply to future goals.

What this means to you

There are times when people literally feel like a square peg in a round role.

Maximising and building on your strengths is much more effective than only focussing on weaknesses.

Join 8 million other people and do the free VIA Character survey. It can give you some valuable clues about your strengths and help you more readily achieve your goals.

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