4 ways to stop the cravings

Do you craves sweets or chocolate? Click below to find out more.

Cravings are often hard to resist which is why we often need all the help we can get! Below are 5 great ways to help you resist cravings.

1) Change your perspective

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to do something when you make the decision rather than somebody else telling you? Finding a justification for why you’re giving up a certain food can be a great way to help you resist cravings. If you focus on the choice and the desired outcome it will give you a reason to fight back and leave that otherwise tempting piece of chocolate cake on the bench.

2) Wait it out

Anyone who has ever tried a new diet knows that the first week or two are the hardest because you’re being forced to make substantial changes. However, have you ever noticed that once you’ve gone without a food for a while, you almost forget about it and potentially no longer even enjoy the taste?

3) Break a bad habit

This is the idea that lead to the government’s ‘swap’ campaign in the fight for a healthier population. Basically, it recommends that instead of going cold turkey, you gradually replace bad foods with healthy ones in your routine. Just remember that a new habit takes roughly 60 days to adopt so don’t expect this type of change to happen overnight.

4) Meet in the middle

Refuse to give up chocolate? Can’t live without salt? That’s fine, just try and find healthier versions of the foods you love. Try swapping sugary white or milk chocolate for an 85% dark chocolate of good quality or even try munching on cacao. Swap highly processed table salts for rock salts which are packed full of minerals. Instead of buying a cake, try making your own with less sugar, butter and a different flour (I recommend almond meal or other gluten free flours).

5) Distract yourself

Ever get to the point where you want cake so badly you can’t think about anything else? This is the perfect time to look for a distraction! Put yourself in an environment that doesn’t have that naughty food. Try going for a walk or doing some other form of exercise. By finding something else to turn your mind to, it can become much easier to fight the cravings that seemed almost impossible to resist just minutes earlier.